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Chapter 10 : NO TIME FOR FEAR




Q. 1. Who wrote the chapter 'No Time For Fear’?

Ans. Philip Yancey.

Q. 2. Which incident is described in this chapter?

Ans. The incident of Barb and Malcolm's encounter with a grizzle

Q. 3. What does the chapter ‘No Time For Fear? Describe

Ans. The bravery of a young Canadian, Malcolm.

Q. 4. Who was the girlfriend of Malcolm?

Ans. Barb.

Q. 5. Why was Malcolm crazed with anger?

Ans. Because he saw the grizzly gnawing at Barb's neck.

Q. 6. Why was there no time for fear?

Ans. Because Barb's life was in danger.

Q. 7. How did Malcolm try to counter the grizzly's attack when she went into his neck with her teeth?

Ans. By striking at her sensitive nose.

Q. 8. Why did Barb run towards the lodge?

Ans. To call for help.

Q. 9. Why did Malcolm try to get his haversack?

Ans. To use it as a bandage.

Q. 10. Who was Malcolm's good friend?

Ans. Warden Gordy Peyto.

Q. 11. Why did Malcolm ignore Barb's letters? Olm ignore Barb's letters

Ans. Because he thought she couldn't love an ugly person like him.

Q. 12. Did Barb still love Malcolm?

Ans. Yes,

Q. 13. Who proposed Malcolm for marriage? Blending

Ans. Barb.

Q. 14. When Malcolm’s doubts were finally dispelled?

Ans. When he received a proposal for marriage from Barb.

15. When did Barb and Malcolm get married?

Ans. On 21 July, 1973.

Short Q/A

A1- Malcolm and Barb were friends and loved each other.

A2- They went on their date to Balu Pass in Canada.

A3- Because of an unexpected snowfall.

A4- The mother bear attacked Barb.

A5- Malcolm attacked the grizzly with a hunting knife in order to save the life of Barb.

A6- Malcolm thought that his end was near. He stopped struggling. The grizzly thought that he was dead and left him.

A7- Barb rushed to the lodge to get help after grizzly had gone.

A8- Gordy Peyto was a warden and was Malcolm’s good friend. He told Malcolm that he always ended up looking after him.

A9- Ned clough was a first aid attendant. He wrapped Malcolm’s face and the chewed gashes on his legs in gauze, then strapped him in a stretcher.

A10- According to the doctor, restoring Malcolm’s face was ice putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

A11- When Malcolm looked at his face for the first time in the bathroom mirror, it almost made him sick.

A12- He ignored Barb’s letters thinking how anyone could love a freak like him.

A13- It me

Ans it was the time for them to take a decision about their marriage.

A14- They got married on 21st July 1973.

A15- Barb loved Malcolm before the accident and declared always to love him.

Long Q/A

A5- The news of Malcolm’s bravery spread all across Canada. The Royal Humane Society, London, awarded him the Stanhope Gold Medal. He received the Gold Medal for bravery from the Royal Canadian Humane Association and Carnegie Medal for heroism from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.

A6- True love is the highest feeling. The path of love is not smooth. The lovers have to face many hardships. It is always with the inner beauty of a person. It never changes. It does not care for any boundaries. True love never changes with the passage of time. Time can destroy physical beauty. But it cannot destroy true love. In the story Barb marries Malcolm because she loves him the same as she loved him before the accident. It’s truly said that true love knows no barriers.


Answers Ex-1 Pg-95 Blanks

1. grabbed 6. obligation

2. ducked 7. throbbing

3. gurgling 8. ripped

4. sedation 9. nauseated

5. despondency


Answers Form Nouns Form Verbs Form Adjectives

1. immortality 1. Conserve 1. Plentiful

2. storage 2. Protect 2. Salty

3. acquaintance 3. Live 3. imaginary

4. exp

Ansion 4. Describe 4. marginal

5. safety 5. Attend 5. violent


Ans. Ex-1 Determiner Ex-2 Modal

1. That 1. may

2. The 2. Can’t

3. The 3. dare

4. Any 4. will

5. her 5. will

Ex-3 Do as Directed-

1. We must set things right before it is so late that we can’t mend them.

2. Water is so important a source that it should not be wasted.

3. The atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were too destructive.

4. Too much has been destroyed in the war that it can never be recovered.

5. Barb was so afraid that she could not make a reply.


Answer the short questions below.





1 Who was Ned Cough?

2 In which hospital was Macom sent?

3 How much time did the surgery take?

4 What was the name of Macom’s hometown?

5 Why coud Macom not remember the first weeks?

6 How many skin graft operations were done?

7 Who was changing his bandages?

8 Where did Macom see his face for the first time after the operations?

9 What did the doctor try to construct?

10 How did the skin of his face look?






Now the snarling grizzly turned towards Malcolm. She grabbed him with both paws and squeezed him against her chest. The smell of bear and blood nauseated him. The grizzly swatted at him with her huge claws. The first blow took off his hair in one piece like a wig, most of his scalp going with it .Then he was rolling over, clutched by the bear.

The dizzying motions stopped, when they reached the gully bottom. The bear raked his face repeatedly. As she bent to rip into his neck and shoulder with her teeth, Malcolm freely jabbed with his fist at her sensitive nose. His jabs had no effect. Malcolm closed his eyes. It’s all over, he thought, and stopped struggling .Incredibly, almost as soon as he stopped moving, the grizzly let go. She swatted him once more, then scraped dirt and twigs over him and lumbered away.


Questions: 1 - 10


Write TRUE, if the statement is true.

Write FALSE, if the statement is false.

Write NOT GIVEN, if the statement is not given.


1 The grizzly squeezed Malcom against her chest.

2 The grizzly took off Malcom’s wig with her first bow.

3 The bear scratched Malcom’s face many times.

4 The grizzly swatted Malcom again and again.

5 Malcom’s jabs had no effect on grizzly’s sensitive eyes.

6 Malcom was badly injured.

7 Malcom opened his eyes.

8 The grizzly eft him when he stopped moving.

9 The grizzly wanted to ki him.

10 The grizzly moved clumsily away.


l Which one is more important- Inner beauty or Outer beauty, why?