Wednesday 20 January 2021

Controlling the Mind


Controlling the Mind

Short Question

Can one help one’s thought?

Yes, it is possible to help one’s thought but it needs practice and perseverance.


 What is meant by the ‘power of concentration’?

The term ‘power of concentration’ basically means to keep one’s mind focused on some particular subject or topic and not let the mind wander to other topics.


 When can we cultivate our mind?

There is no fixed time to cultivate our mind. It can be done at any convenient time when no one is disturbing us.


 What happened when you were called upon to address the class?

At such a time our mind remains focused on the subject of the speech and we do not let anything else interfere with our thoughts.


Why can’t anyone laugh at you while you are doing mental exercise in a bus?

Nobody can laugh at us while we are doing mental exercise in a bus because we are not using any material. To others we are just sitting quietly in a corner which appears perfectly normal.

In what way can you kill two birds with one stone?

Trying to focus on one topic helps us to train or control our mind irrespective of what we are thinking about. So if we think about something useful it would be doubly beneficial; it would be like killing two birds with one stone.


What is the suggestion of the most sensible men?

Having the ability to control one’s mind and work to achieve it is the suggestion of the most sensible men.


 What kind of evil can be cured by controlling the mind?

By controlling the mind we can cure many evils of life; especially worry.


How can we learn to control our mind? Write a well-developed paragraph of about a hundred words.

 People think that mind cannot be controlled, but it is not true. It is perfectly possible. You don’t need any external help or equipment to do it. All you need is constant practice. We can do this mental exercise any time of the day and the author has suggested using the commute time while going to office. We should start thinking about any particular subject or topic. Soon we will find that our mind has wandered off to something else. We will have to bring it back to the topic. This will happen again and again in the initial stages but it should not dishearten us. It is difficult but with patience and perseverance we will be able to succeed at last. We will be able to keep our mind on a tight leash. In addition to this the author also suggests that we concentrate on something useful. That way we will gain more. All great men of different ages have suggested us to do it.

‘Controlling the Mind’ by Arnold Bennett is a essay which challenges the reader to do what is cons idered by many as impossible. Through this essay he tells us what great scriptures and sages have told us from times immemorial again and again; control thy mind. Controlling ones thoughts and mind is a difficult task indeed but the author has tried to put forward a comparatively simple way of doing it. The author starts the essay by claiming that it is possible to control one’s thoughts and mind. He says that it is our mind which gives us pain or pleasure and thus it becomes important that it is under our control. He says that the idea to control one’s mind is old one but most people live their lives without realizing its importance. He says that true life is only possible if our mind is completely under our control. It is only through its achievement that we can think of living our lives to full existence.  The author feels that it should be our prime duty to train our mind. We look after our bodies and take services of various people to pamper ourselves. We should therefore devote some time to train our mind and thoughts. The best part is that we don’t require external help or equipment to do it. You can do it while travelling in a bus or a train from your home to your office. As you don’t need to carry any special equipment, therefore you would not attract any unwanted attention. All you have to do is concentrate your mind on a particular topic. But very soon, our mind will wander to something else. We shall have to bring it back to the topic. It will happen again and again. But this should not discourage us. We will ultimately succeed in keeping our mind concentrated on any topic or subject we wish to. The author tries to encourage us by reminding us about the time when we are supposed to give some important speech before the whole class. We do not let our mind to wander to any other subject till the lecture is delivered. When we want our mind to do something we can make it do it. All that is needed is intense desire and determination to do so. The only way to train the mind is through regular practice. The secret to success is continuous effort. The author says that it is your wish what you wish to concentrate upon, but it would be doubly beneficial if you concentrate on something useful. He further says that we might be thinking that he is talking nonsense. You may feel that such an exercise is not for you. But the author’s aim is the reader, a common man.

 The author says that it is probably the most sane and precious suggestion that you have ever received. It should not be thrown away. He says that it is the suggestion of the most sensible and practical people who ever lived on this earth. We should try it and we shall find that we are cured of our worries. Mysterious - Difficult to explain or understand. Puzzling Evident – Obvious.

 Platitude - A statement of moral content which has lost its meaning because of excessive use Profound - Intense or very great Grave danger - Serious or great dang Extraneous - Of external origin Cultivate - Try to develop a skill or a quality precisely – Exactl

  Larking - Informal usage for playing tricks or making mischief  Despair - Absence of hope  Vitality - The state of being energetic Tyrant - Oppressive ruler Perseverance - Persistence in do in something despite difficulty  Convenient - Easy or something involving little effort Disguise - Give different appearance to hide identity Passionately - In a way that shows strong feelings Precious - Of great value