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Chapter: 20 Socio-Religious Movements


Chapter: 20 Socio-Religious Movements


1) Which social reformer is considered to be the creator of modern India?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

2) Who founded the Brahmo Samaj?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

3) Where was the Brahmo Samaj founded?

in Calcutta

4) Apart from Raja Ram Mohan Roy, which other reformers contributed in the programmes of Brahmo Samaj?

Debinder Nath Tagore & Keshab Chander Sen

5) In which two branches Brahmo Samaj was divided after the demise of Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

Adi Brahmo Samaj and Bhartiya Brahmo Samaj

6) Who was the Debinder Nath Tagore?

Rabindranath Tagore's father

7) Which organization was set up by Debinder Nath to spread the ideas of Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

Tagore Tattava Bodhini Sabha

8) What was the real name ofSwami Dayananda?

Mool Shankar

9) Whom did the Mool Shankar follow in his childhood?

Lord Shiva

10) Who founded the Arya Samaj?

Swami Dayanand

11) Where was the Arya Samaj founded?


12) When was the Arya Samaj founded?

1875 AD

13) When was the Arya Samaj established at Lahore?

1877 AD

14) Which is the most famous book of Swami Dayanand?

Satyarth Prakasha

15) Who gave the slogan ‘Back to the Vedas’?

Swami Dayanand

16) Who founded the Ramakrishna Mission?

Swami Vivekananda

17) Where was the Ramakrishna Mission established?

Belur Math, Calcutta

18) In whose memory was the Ram Krishna Mission founded?

The Ram Krishna Paramahansa

19) Who founded the Satyasodhak Samaj?

Jyotiba Phule

20) By what other name was Gopal Hari Deshmukh known?

Lok hitwadi

21) Who started the Aligarh movement?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

22) Who gave the title of ‘Sir’ toSir Syed Ahmed Khan?


23) What was the first name of Aligarh Muslim University?

Mohammadan Anglo- Oriental College

24) Who founded the Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental College?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

25) Who was the founder of Nirankari movement?

Baba Dayal Ji

26) Who was the founder of Namdhari movement?

Satguru Balak Singh

27) Who is considered to be the real founder of the Namdhari movement?

Baba Ram Singh

28) Where did Baba Ram Singh statrted Namdhari movement?

Bhaini Sahib, Ludhiana

29) By what other name is the Namdharis movement known?

Kuka Movement

30) Why are the Namdharis called Kukas?

As they used to shout while meditation

31) What was the name given to the marriage rituals introduced by the Namdharis?

Anand marriage

32) How many Namdharis were martyred by blowing up with the canons at Ludhiana?


33) Where was Baba Ram Singh imprisoned?


34) When was Singh Sabha movement founded?

1873 AD

35) Where was the first branch of Singh Sabha opened?

Sri Amritsar Sahib

36) When was Chief Khalsa Diwan established?

1902-03 AD

37) Where is the headquarters of the Chief Khalsa Diwan located?

Sri Amritsar Sahib

38) What was the main function of the Chief Khalsa Diwan?

Coordinating the Singh Sabhas

39) Where is the Khalsa College located?

Sri Amritsar Sahib

40) Why was Sikh Educational Society established?

For the development of education

41) Where was the Ahmadiyya movement founded?

Qadian, Gurdaspur

42) When was the first anti-caste law passed?

1850 AD

43) When was infanticide banned?

1802 AD

44) When was the practice of Sati banned?

1829 AD

45) Who banned the practice of Sati?

Lord William Bentick

46) By whose efforts was the practice of Sati banned?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

47) When was the marriage of widows legalized?

1856 AD

48) How much minimum age was prescribed for girls to marry as per the act of 1860?

10 Years