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Chapter -6 The Little Black Boy


P-6 The Little Black Boy

William Blake


1. Who wrote the poem "The Little Black Boy'?

Ans. William Blake.

Q. 2. My soul is white. What does the word 'white' here to?


Ans. To angelic qualities.


Q. 3. Is the black child ashamed of being black?


Ans. No.


Q. 4. Why the English child is called 'an angel’ in the poem?

Ans. Because of his white complexion.


Q. 5. What does the rising sun give us?


Ans. Light and heat.


Q. 6. What do the heat and light of the sun represent?


Ans. The warmth of God's love.


Q. 7. What are we supposed to do while we are on this earth?


Ans. To love all the creatures of God.


Q. 8. We shall hear His voice'. Whose voice is referred to here?

Ans. God's voice.


Q. 9. Which cloud will vanish according to the black boy's mother?


Ans. The cloud of our body consciousness.


Q. 10. When will the two boys be free from the black and white clouds!


Ans. When their souls learn the lesson of love.


Q. 11. What light does this poem throw on the character of the black boy?

Ans. The black boy's heart is full of love.


Q. 12. What does the black boy long for?

Ans. For the white boy's love.


A1- Because his colour is white and his hair is golden.


A2- The rising sun gives us its light and heat.


A3- Black bodies are compared to the clouds and the shade of trees.


A4- Then the cloud of our black bodies will disappear.


A5- When our souls learn to bear the heat.


A6-God’s voice tell them to come out from the grove. They are His love and joy. They should play joyfully like little lambs round His tent.


A7-The black boy wants to shade the white boy from heat. He wants to win his heart and become his friend.


Ex-2 Do you……your



Ans- The black boy doesn’t have any ill-will against white boy. He wants to shade the white boy from heat. He wants to win his heart and become his friend.

Ex-3 Matching-

1. Angel English child

2. East God’s home

3. Sun-burnt face Black boy

4. Cloud Shady Grove

5. Lamb Innocent child

Ex-4 Correct figure of speech

1. White as an angle is the English child - Simile

2. And these black bodies and this sun-burnt face. Is but a cloud …….. - Personification

3. And round my golden tent like Lambs rejoice. – Metaphor


Main Idea- The poem ‘The Little Black Boy’ is written by William Blake. This is a beautiful poem. It gives us a message of universal brotherhood. God gives His love and warmth equally. The sun gives its light and heat to all. So man should love men of all castes, colours and creeds




6. The Little Black Boy

This poem is written by William Blake. The poem is based on the theme of universal love. A small black boy in the poem believes that God loves every living being equally. His all blessings are for everyone in this universe without any discrimination. He hopes for freedom from any discrimination in the tents of God.