Sunday 24 January 2021





One Word or One Line Questions

Q. 1. Who is Office Manager ?

Ans. The executive who is put in charge of the management of office is known as Office Manager.

Q. 2. Write the qualifications of an office manager.

Ans. Personal Qualities, Formal Education and Training, Experience, Professional Interests, Leadership Qualities etc.

Fill in the blanks

1.  Office manager performs all managerial functions in relation to office operations. (Superior, Office Manager)

2. Office manager must have an art to procure the resources right time  and right cost  (Right place, right time ; right time, right cost)

3. Office manager serves as an important link between  Organisation and  outsiders (subordinates, outsiders ; organisation, outsiders)

Ans. 1. Office manager, 2. right time, right cost, 3. Organisation, outsiders,


True or False

1. Office manager is not concerned with designing of office systems and routines for the smooth operation of various activities. False

2. Office manager has not duty towards other departments. False

3. Office manager acts as a leader. True

Ans. 1. False, 2. False, 3. True.



1. Qualification of a manager includes (a) Personal Qualities (b) Leadership Qualities (c) Art of Delegation (d) All of the above

2. Office manager must have an   of leading. (a) Skill (b) Art (c) Experience (d) NOT

3. The term 'administration' in business organisation refers to

(a) Top Management (c) Lower Level Management

Ans. 1. (d), 2. (b), 3. (a)

(b) Middle Management (d) Both a and b