Sunday 24 January 2021




One  Word or One Line Questions

 Q. 1. What is to be included in Internal Communication ?

Ans. Circulars, Order, Letters, Notices, Manuals, Suggestions etc

. Q. 2. What is to be included in external communication ?

Ans. Meeting, Greetings, Placement of Orders, Conferences, Tenders etc.

 Q. 3. Name some Mechanical Communication devices.

Ans. Telephones, Loudspeaker, Radio Telephone, Answering sets etc.

Q. 4. For what purpose paging system is used ?

 Ans. It is used for internal communication to locate the executives

. Q. 5. What is Video Conferencing ?

 Ans. Communication between two or more sites across a network with video and audio contact.

 Fill in the blanks

 1. Face to face conversation is called Oral communication.

 2. Pneumatic tubes  device transmits the papers through air pressure.

 3. Computerised intercom popularly known as Intellicom

  4. Intercom can be expanded to 80/100  lines.

 Ans. 1. Oral, 2. Pneumatic tubes, 3. Intellicom, 4. 80/100

 True or False

1. Internal communication may be upward, downward or horizontal. True

 2. Safety is not to be considered as important factor in selection of media. False

 3. Internal communication is also known as intercommunication True

. 4. Telefax is also known as facsimile telegraphy. True

5. Lighted signals are used to attract the attention of a particular person. True

 Ans. 1. True, 2. False, 3. True, 4. True, 5. True.


1. Which factors are effecting the selection of media

(a) Accuracy (c) Record

(b) Secrecy (d) All of the above

2. Under which system, the metal or rubber tubes are used to communicate the message from one room to the other.

 (a) Paging System (b) Dictating Machines (c) Speaking Tubes (d) Loud Speaker System

3. Which type of calls can also be booked for any time of day or night.

 (a) A, B and C calls (b) Person to Person calls (c) Fixed time calls (d) Alarm calls

Ans. 1. (d), 2. (c), 3. (d)