Sunday 24 January 2021




One Word or One Line Questions

 Q. 1. What is Records ?

Ans. Records are the memory of an office that constitute a written evidence of

business activities.

Q. 2. Name various categories of records.

 Ans. Personal, Accounting, Legal, Correspondence, Progress records etc.

Q. 3. What are the main purposes of maintaining records ?

Ans. Helpful in decision making, Efficiency in operations. Evaluating the performance, Statutory obligations etc.

Q. 4. What is Microfilming ?

 Ans. It is one of the best photographic means of retaining information at a reduced size on film.

Fill in the blanks

 1.  Records Management is a system which controls the records. (Filing, Records Management)

2. Office Management means Management of facts (managements of records, management of facts)

 3. Microfiche  is read by microfiche reader. (Microfilm, microfiche)

4.  Records are the memory and backbone of an office. (Documents, Records)

Ans. 1. Records Management. 2. Management of facts. 3. Microfiche. 4. Records

True or False

 1. Progress records are related to the business transactions made during a particular period. False

 2. If records are retained properly then these serve as a basis of internal control. True

 3. The records must be capable of verification. True

 4. Microfilming provides safety to the records because these records are not subject to wear and tear. True

5. The retention period of Insurance Records is permanent. False

Ans. 1. False, 2. True, 3. True. 4. True, 5. False.


1. Which type of records are related to employees of the organisation. (a) Employees Records (b) Progress Records (c) Personnel Records (d) Both a and c

 2. Suggested retention period for bank records is (a) 3 years (b) 7 years (c) 8 years (d) Permanent

 3. Microfilming was invented by (a) J.B. Dancer in 1836 (b) J.B. Dancer in 1839 (c) J.B. Dancer in 1837 (d) J.B. Dancer in 1838

 Ans. 1. (c), 2. (b), 3. (b)